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Free shipping on all orders within the United States!
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Our Mission

Faerieworks of New England is committed to providing our customers with powerful spiritual tools handcrafted with only the highest quality ingredients and the most potent crystals, flowers, and herbs routinely charged and cleansed under the light of the full moon! Every single one of our products is infused with love, light, healing, and empowerment! We are passionate about spreading love and healing to all creatures and all of our products are vegan and cruelty free! We use natural soy wax and luxury fragrance oils in every candle to ensure that you'll be receiving only the best of the best! We also hand select and inspect every single one of our vintage vessels to find you a unique, luxurious piece unlike any other! We search for vessels that perfectly match the potent light energy of our intention candles. These gorgeous vintage vessels are timeless, collectible pieces of history that you can continue to reuse and cherish for generations to come!



Meet the Maker

Hi! My name is Kayla McKeon. I’m currently a student at Drexel University in the J.D./P.h.D. program in Law and Clinical Psychology. My life's work is to heal and empower all those I meet, making the world a more beautiful and compassionate place with every gesture. I love all kinds of crystals, gems, minerals, herbs, and flowers. I believe that they have so much power to help the body, mind, and soul and want to share that with as many people as possible. I founded Faerieworks of New England in 2019 with that mission in mind. All of my products are made to bring love, light, healing, and empowerment to the user and each product is always charged under a full moon before being shipped out to ensure that it is as potent and radiant as it can possibly be. A piece of my heart and soul is truly in each of my products and I really cherish all of the love and support that my little business has received from my wonderful customers!